HAM (high art moment),


is a new collaboration between Amélie Gaulier-Brody, Dages Juvelier Keates, Rain Saukas and Alexis Steeves. We have been presented by Art Helix (Permission Slip), Dixon Place (Crossing Boundaries and Under Exposed), Triskelion Arts (CollabFest) and Parsons/The New School (City and City). We have partnered with visual and sound artists Marion Bizet, Joshua Dumas, Shani Ha, and Elizabeth Tubergen in our post-humanist, post-dance inquiry. HAM was recently awarded a residency at The Stable in Montreal, Quebec.


Artist statement

Our practice is one of being alone together. Our work emphasizes individuality; each dancer is always “soloing”– seeking pleasure, looking and being looked at, unholding, enjoying the breath and gravity. We are not institutions, we are not museums, we are not abstractions, we are not sites of occupation or projects of improvement. Our dancing bodies are a symphony of polyglot, polyrhythmic conversations.